About my website…

Hiiiiiii – this is me  – Tilds Mum… at a French motorway service station – I always look so cheery at these sorts of places.

So why this blog? I applied to enter the ‘Great British Bake Off’ in December 2011 but failed dismally to get a place EVEN THOUGH I was quite literally up until the 59th minute of the 11th hour making this fancy bavarois on New Year’s Eve just so I could take a photo of it for the application deadline. See photo below (excuse the junk in the background but I was mid-kitchen rebuild at the time). Not bad for a first attempt I thought.

Everyone else I know was out getting drunk at that time it was a very weird feeling. But no need to worry – I joined the rest of the population shortly after I emailed the application form.


During the frantic last-minute application process I realised that I had very little evidence of any baking or cooking that I have ever done…apart from an increase in my waistline. I guess you don’t want a photo of that? My application failed to get accepted for the show but the process has inspired me to produce this blog – go me. And this is turning out to be just as much fun as entering a cooking competition and inspiring me to experiment ever more widely in the kitchen. In fact I’ve just volunteered to bake birthday cakes for deserving kids through a local volunteering initiative – so expect to see some more unusual cakes featuring here soon.

I intend to record the results of some of my baking (amongst other things) plus recipes I’ve invented or experimented with. All the photo’s on my blog are of my own creations – so hopefully my photography skills will also improve as a result of having a definite purpose in mind. No more partly decapitated heads and fuzzy subjects – well, unless they look like that in real life of course. 

Oh and in case you were wondering… I finished my kitchen…apart from a tile in the corner…and the oven splashback…and…oh you get the picture.