The Latest Kitchen Utensil…

Ok – so I know they may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I asked Santy Claus for them specially… and he obliged (via my daughter) :-) (They are butter pats in case you aren’t sure what you are looking at in the photo). So all I need now is a nice Friesian for the back garden and a mob cap and I’m all set for my new hobby – making butter.

vintage butter pats 2012

Now does anyone know exactly how much cream you need for a pound of butter?

My Nan used to have a large screw top old fashioned glass sweet jar in which to agitate the cream when she made it - I’m not quite sure why, it always seemed to take ages to produce results. I’m not hanging about I intend using my electric whisk. I want to get to the butter smacking stage with my new  vintage pats AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

When I have some results I’ll update this post. I’m going to try to get cream from a local farm in the next village so I can truly claim it is local butter. I can hear my arteries pleading for mercy already.

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