My First Battenburg

Battenburg SliceThis is my first attempt at a Battenburg cake. One of my Christmas presents was a special cake tin with removable dividers to make the baking of the Battenburg easier. It’s still pretty tricky – I think the secret is to pipe the cake mixture into each of the 4 oblong slots as it was difficult to get it evenly spread just spooning the mixture in.

Due to the family anathema to apricot jam I had to use sieved strawberry jam to glue the sections together so the colour was a bit more pronounced than I would have liked. I’m not keen on the colour pink so I forsook the traditional pink and yellow colour combo and chose yellow and green instead.

Note – adding green food colouring to a basic cake mixture (which is naturally yellow from the egg yolk) does leave you with uncooked cake mixture that is olive in colour. Do not add more green food colouring  – after baking the cake crumb does end up a nice light fresh green colour. Honestly it does.

I used white marzipan for the cake overcoat and made a neat little pattern along the top by forming a ‘fin’ of marzipan the length of the cake by squishing edges together. Then using scissors I made angled snips towards the cake along the raised ‘fin’ at equal intervals. Then push each alternate snipped piece sideways towards the cake, right then left. Simple but effective.

A homemade Battenburg tastes far superior to the supermarket offerings and it is fun to style it according to personal preference. This homemade cake persuaded one family member to try marzipan…and they now like it!

Battenburg cake

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